Cooking lessons in a farm

From EUR 70

Collect herbs and learn how to make authentic and homemade recipes from Peliongastronomy using bio vegetables

Traditional Greek dishes by Kritsa Gastronomy Hotel


The Cooking lessons will take place in a farm! Have fun with us by cooking as families, children, or friends. Walk around the farm, pick greens, herbs, and fresh vegetables from the garden, eggs from the chicken coop, and then cook with us next to the wood oven that smoldering, traditional recipes from Greece and Pelion.



Cooking Lessons

  • Cooking lesson -Greek Souvlaki –in Pelion Countryside
  • Cooking lesson in Portaria - Let`s make the famous Greek pie with local woman
  • Cooking lesson in Pelion - Flavors from Greece
  • Cooking lesson - From the farm to the table - We cook "Ladera
  • Discovering the secrets of Pelion’s land
  • Greek cooking lesson - Discovering the secrets of Pelion cuisine

Prices include:

  • Cooking Lessons
  • Insurance and Vat


From EUR 70

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Portaria Village


  • Enjoying the pie that you made with your own hands
  • Picking fruits and vegetables from the garden or "bostani" in Greek and feeling part of nature
  • Discovering original Pelion dishes like "horta me avga" cooked wild greens with poached eggs or "Spetzofai" a combination of sauage cooked with peppers and tomato sauce.


  1. Portaria