Meteora and Zagori Photography Trip

A 9-day photography trip that we are thrilled to share with adventurers shutterbugs.

The majestic scenery of Meteora with the monolithic vertical cliffs, a gift to landscape enthusiasts. The Zagorochoria villages with their unique traditional architecture, settled among the steep slopes of the mountain range and finally to reach the ultimate locale of the mythical Dragon lake on the edge of the cliffs!

Refine your skills in photography joining one of the most experienced and inspiring travel photographers in Greece, Nikos Kokkas.

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Upon registering, you will be contacted by the instructors via e-mail. You will be sent a short questionnaire and a multiple choice test to establish your skill level as well as your photographic needs and wants. This will help instructors prepare for individual counselling.
What to remember
You will learn how to create compelling images alongside local, seasoned professionals with a long experience in travel photography and deep knowledge of the locales Our photographers will take you to hand-picked locations to pass you on their tips and tricks on capturing the extraordinary Our photographers, avid travelers themselves share the same passion of traveling and savoring the locales They will instruct you in a casual format, in a comprehensive language according to your level, your personal style and needs


Meteora, Unesco’s World heritage site, is a a majestic scenery of monolithic vertical cliffs topped with Byzantine monasteries build by monks from the 11th century onwards. Sprawled in the middle of Thessalia’s valley, Meteora offers the unique experience of nature’s grandeur in conjunction with history, architecture and man’s everlasting desire to connect with the Divine. A truly inspiring and sensational photography setting of overwhelming rock formations, but one must also be prepared to expect that this photo workshop is much more than merely capturing an exquisite landscape. As many of its monasteries still operate, it is a great chance to view and depict the pilgrimage to this holy place, for all Christians around the world.

Zagori is a mountainous region in Epirus in Northwest Greece, of great natural beauty, with striking geology and two of Unesco’s Georparks. Our photography trip brings us to the one of ViKos - Aos National park. Gorges, rivers, historical bridges, dense forests, alpine landscapes, steep slopes, natural pools, rocky peaks, such as the seemingly sculpted Astraka peak, and the so-called “Dragon lake” on the edge of the cliff – the dwelling places of dragons, according to local legend – await the more adventurous shutterbugs.

There, nestled in the northern Pindus mountain range amid rugged cliffs, rushing waters, lush forests and breath-taking alpine lakes is the network, interconnected by small roads and bridges, of the 46 tiny stone villages of the Zagori, known as the Zagorochoria. These remote little gems functioning more as an entity rather than as seperate communities, welcome the vistitors with great hospitality and huge amounts of local tradiitons and history literally carved on their stone built settlements.


We will exploit the superb setting of Tymfi’s mountain ridge for a special session on night photography. This is where we settle for a night, stay over in the refuge, on our way for the Dragon Lake.


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