Meteorama is a group of travel professionals and local destination experts who have combined their talents, knowledge, resources and passion for tourism to become the pioneers of Destination Management Company in Meteora. Our main focus is to meet the range of needs of our visitors by providing extraordinary and enriching experiences.
Meteorama launched, the first full-service online travel agency and destination marketing portal, hosting and marketing a number of accommodation facilities, excursions, outdoor activities, transfer options and many more. Meteorama offers the most exclusive mixture of enjoyable and memorable excursions both in the Meteora region and also around it, ranging from soft adventure and sight-seeing tours to daily cruises, day trips and rock climbing! We provide a wide range of bookable services – accommodation, transportation, dinner options, walking tours and taxi transfers.
With our secure and reliable booking system, you can easily book tours and hotel accommodation online with confidence, and receive an instant booking confirmation. Our site is filled with tourist information and Internet links to help you plan your visit to Meteora. Whatever you are looking for in your visit to METEORA we can help you find it.

Contact us and let us help you get the most out of your Meteora visit! And finally, have an unforgettable adventure in Meteora – see it all, taste it all, experience everything and make the most out of your time in Greece’s most unique place!